How much notice is needed to book you in?

This is constantly changing. Sometimes I’m booked for up to two weeks ahead and sometimes you can hire me the next day. In general, it’s best to give me 7-10 days notice – a little more if you think you need a site visit.

Do I need a site visit if you / we are still unsure weather my crane is suitable for the job?

I may ask you to send a picture first by mobile phone or email to get a better idea of the site conditions. However, any doubts at all and I will do a free site visit ASAP.

Access needed?

My crane is 8 foot 6″ wide and has 4 wheel stair and should get in most places / sites better than most builders merchant or concrete lorries. If you had one of these vehicles gain access before access shouldn’t be a problem.

Space needed for set up?

Normal working conditions approx 6 metre wide and 6.5 long for legs. However, machine sticks out at the back 1 metre and front cab sticks out 2 metres over front total length of carrier 9 metres.
Click here for (Crane dimensions )

Min space needed

Set up can be reduced under certain conditions but more information is needed about the site and the load lifted.

Ground conditions

Cranes have very high axel weights, and need good solid ground the same as a lorry would need. You will also need to make sure there are no sharp objects in the path of the crane when gaining access to the site.

Equipment carried as standard

9 sets of chains 7m to 16m grade 10 steel. Round slings in many sizes. Double sewing webbing slings – small medium and large. shackles 1- 13.5 tonne.

How far can I reach?

I have a 30.4 metre boom which can reach approximately 27 meters from the centre of the crane to the centre of the lift. or approx 23.5 meters from the back / side of the machine to the centre of the lift.

How much can I lift?

Click here for ( lifting charts )

Electric cables?

When facing away from cables The crane boom generally needs to be 4 meters horizontally and 2 meters vertically away from the cable this can be reduced under certain conditions.
When facing the cables the distance away from the bottom of the boom in meters should be 9m longer than the length of the boom. this can also be reduced under certain conditions.

Payment methods / terms

If you are using PJS Crane Hire for the first time, you will need to pay on the day after the job has been completed –  by cash, credit or debit card.

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